Ethan Hawke Honoured at Brooklyn Academy of Music Gala

Ethan Hawke was awarded by the Brooklyn Academy of Music gala held at the Brooklyn Expo Center on Wednesday night.

And speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said, “An institution like BAM is a direct ventricle into the heart of America. It’s one of the best artistic institutions that we have, certainly in this city, but I think this city is a big part of the mental health of this country as far as arts and the collective intelligence of this country and they bring art from all over the world. It’s something that you kind of rely on.”

He spoke about the importance of art supporting communities and bringing the world together, citing the international and multi-disciplinary work the organization presents and promotes.

“When I was a kid, I thought about art in relationship to myself, but as you get older you start to see yourself as a part of a community and you start to realize we’re all only as good as our generation or our community,” Hawke said. “The institutions that create a space for these kinds of things to be shared, movies, plays, rock n roll, whatever it is. I’ve seen plays at BAM. I’ve seem movies at BAM. I’ve seen children’s music. I’ve seen rock n roll. This place is a heavyweight.”

And Bobby Cannavale who presented Hawke with the honour, spoke about the importance of Hawke’s role as artist and movie star. “There have been a lot of movie stars throughout history, but what there haven’t been are movie stars who are actual artists,” Cannavale said, listing out the diversity of Hawke’s resume from novels to screenwriting to directing in addition to his storied acting career.

“We get to shine a light on a facet of the human condition that is not a small thing,” Cannavale told THR. “I don’t think everybody can do it. I think that that’s something that is a noble thing to do in its own way. That’s the best I have to offer so I try to learn as much as I can about different types of people, I like to be able to tell stories from perspectives that I didn’t know before to try to understand people better and shine a light for other people to try to understand a little bit better.”

Congratulations to him.

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