#EndSARS: Protesters chase anti-riot policemen off Umuahia streets

A group of #EndSARS protesters in Umuahia on Wednesday defied the state government’s curfew and returned to the major streets of the city, forcing anti-riot policemen to retreat to the station.

The police authorities had deployed its operatives to strategic locations in the city to enforce the 24-hour curfew in major cities of Umuahia and Aba.

Heavily armed anti-riot police team had positioned their Hilux Van around the Umuahia Tower, near the Post Office.

Their presence reportedly caused panic and stampede in some areas and disrupted human and vehicular movements, while some residents resorted to trek long distances.

There was, however, a mild drama at the Umuahia Tower about midday, when a group of protesters, bearing a banner with an inscription #EndSARS, stormed the place and accosted the armed operatives.

They chanted songs, saying, “Kill us”, “How many youths will police kill?”, “You will kill us tire.”

Witnesses say the more the policemen tried to ward them off, the more the protesters  moved toward them.

Sensing a possible attack by the protesters with the atmosphere getting tensed, the policemen quickly mobilised themselves, jumped into their waiting van and sped off.

The protesters, however, pursued them and pelted them with stones and other dangerous weapons.


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