Emma Nyra Backtracks on Tweet Calling Out People for Rejoicing Over Hush Puppi’s Arrest

Emma Nyra has issued an unreserved apology following the heavy backlash she received on Sunday for her tweet.

The musician had called out people rejoicing over Hush Puppi’s ‘downfall’  tweeting that their reason was because he oppressed them on social media with his extravagant lifestyle.

“A lot of people are happy about what happened to Hush Puppi because he was oppressing them on social media. The truth is that rejoicing in his downfall is not gonna put money in your pocket. I’m tired of reading about someone else’s downfall. Let me jeje hustle my own oh”, she had tweeted.

Nigerians did not find her tweet sensible at all and made her realise it. Many wondered why she would call the arrest of a criminal his ‘downfall’ and fault people for being happy about it.

Realising the errors of her ways, Emma Nyra took to Twitter once again to apologise, noting that she didn’t mean any harm by her statement but was only tired of reading about Hush Puppi everywhere.


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