Eminem Sides With Chris Brown in Rihanna Assault on Leaked Track

XXL is reporting that an Eminem song featuring lyrics about Chris Brown’s 2009 assault of Rihanna has leaked.

Per the outlet, Eminem raps, “I’m not playing, Rihanna, where’d you get the V.D. at?” and also, “Let me add my two cents/Of course I side with Chris Brown/I’d beat a bitch down, too if she gave my dick an itch now.”

According to XXL, the track was recorded during the sessions for Em’s album Relapse. Parts of the verses were included in “Things Get Worse” from B.o.B’s 2011 mixtape E.P.I.C. (Every Play Is Crucial).

Reacting to the leak, Dennis Dennehy, a spokesperson for Eminem, said, “This is a leak of something that’s over 10 years old. After Eminem recorded it, he scrapped it, and rewrote it. Obviously he and Rihanna have a great relationship.”

Eminem and Rihanna have collaborated ever since, even toured together in 2014.


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