Elephant Picks Infant from Bed with its Trunk, Tramples on Her to Death

Seven-year-old Indian girl, Sini Munda, has been trampled to death by an elephant which picked her up from her bed.

Sini and her family reside in the Mundasahi in the Champua forest range. The young girl was asleep beside her brother, Ganesh and sister, Rani last night when the elephant battered the side of their house.

After tearing down part of the wall, the animal snaked its trunk into the building to grab the infant before crushing her to death, Daily Mail writes.

Ganess and Rani are in a critical condition after the wall caved in and collapsed on top of them. They are receiving urgent treatment at the Champua Community Health Centre.

The Champua forest range is in Odisha’s Keonjhar district in eastern India.

This death is the latest to rock Odisha state after five people were trampled in the nearby Angul district in April.

A lone elephant reportedly charged at a family-of-three while they were sleeping on a terrace of a house in Sandha village. It then went on to fatally attack two more people that night.


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