Dwayne Johnson and His Youngest Daughter Re-enact Scenes from Moana in Adorable video

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and his youngest daughter, Tiana are back to being too adorable for the gram.

In a very adorable clip of quality daddy and me time between father and daughter, Tia and her dad re-enacted a scene from the Disney animation movie- Moana, where Johnson played the role of a recalcitrant demi-god, Maui.

Despite the impressive performance delivered by The Rock, as he re-enacted his iconic role for the audience made up of Tiana’s doggies, the 2-year-old refused to believe her daddy was the demi-god, Maui, responding with a resounding – ‘NO’ when her he posed the question.

As far as Tia is concerned, Dwayne Johnson is just dear old daddy, plain and simple.

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