Duncan Mighty Shuts Down Claims That Abused His Wife: “What Do You Gain From Tarnishing My Image?’

Duncan Mighty has finally responded to the claims that he viciously attacked his wife Vivien Nwakanwa Mighty.

In case you missed how it all started: some women who allegedly are Vivien’s colleagues posted her disturbing photos, accusing the singer of viciously attacking his wife.

The couple allegedly had gotten embroiled in a violence altercation at their home on Saturday, and sources who claimed to be close to Vivien added that this is not the first time the singer would be violently abusing Vivien.

Read all about it here.

But Duncan Mighty has shut it all down with a lovey-dovey photo of himself and Vivien. He called out bloggers who he feels are working to tarnish his image. “For your information My Marriage is not one of those u people broke down n will never be,” he said in his long note, adding, “For your info I am the winner of my marriage my wife and kids can’t do without Daddy every moment.”

He continued, “The more u make people hate me, the more they love me more. Pls don’t allow these fools make u forget we dropping one of the biggest TUNE of our time AZA DAVIDO DUNCANMIGHTY PERUZI.”

See his response below.


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