Drama: Kanu Nwankwo’s Wife Disgraces His Brother Ogbonna on Instagram!

Amara Kanu has disgraced her brother-in-law on Instagram.

Drama started yesterday when Ogbonna Kanu, the younger brother of football legend Nwankwo Kanu, took to his Instagram to share a photo of a ticket to a Leeds United game allegedly belonging to him, and Amara hopped on the comment section to accuse him of stealing.

“You are a coward and liar,” said Amara, who went on to add: “That’s my sons ticket. He was supposed to follow his dad to the Leeds game today but no. You have never allowed Kanu to be in peace with his family.”

She opened up on their internal family drama, alleging that Ogbonna had been working against her. “You tried that with me all these years thinking I will die and now you want to come near my children. You can’t. You won’t. Oloshi oloriburuku. Borrow pose. @ogbobekee1, don’t mess with my children’s things or their dad.” she concluded.

The post stirred major drama on social media, and this is especially because it is the first time their internal family battles would be brought to social media.

See the post:

Meanwhile, Ogbonna, who is married to Laura Ikeji, has since deleted the post. Amara is undaunted; check out her latest post on Instagram:

Will Ogbonna ever address the accusation? We can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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