Drake’s Dad Goes on Sexist Rant Against Wendy Williams, Not Pusha-T, for Calling Out Drake

Pusha T really did hit a nerve because Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, has taken to his Instagram to unleash a sexist vitriol on Wendy WIlliams for reciting lines from Pusha’s diss track, The Story of Adidon.

It all started yesterday after everyone started talking about the diss track and Wendy Williams, who lives for gossip, went on her show to talk about it too. Apparently, Dennis Graham was a huge fan of the show (that is, he chuckles when Wendy roasts other people), and to his horror, the show host tabled the Pusha T diss track in which he dropped insults about Drake’s mum, the alleged mother of his child, and Dennis Graham himself.

“You know what, Rihanna, you dodged a bullet with this joker,” Wendy said on the show. “Drake who are you? So, this is what you have to do to be a top contender on radio now? I’m so turned off. So, you don’t write your own music? So, anything you say is not really from your heart.”

And of his blackface photo, Wendy asked, “Where was your mother to tell you not to do this?”

This whole messy affair got Dennis all riled up, because he proceeded to go nuclear on Williams in an Instagram post, referring to her as “Rupaul Jr.”

Read his rant below.

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#Drake’s daddy done snapped on #WendyWilliams 😩

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Well, Wendy never backs away from a fight, because she clapped back immediately, hip-hop style.

This is not a good year for Drake’s family. OUCH.

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