Drake Surpasses Madonna’s Record of Most Hits on US Top Ten Chart

Drake is now the artist with the most hits on the US top ten chart.

The rapper accomplished this feat by hitting 40 songs on the Top 10 hits in US chart history, surpassing Madonna who previously held the title with 38 songs.

Drake’s collaboration with DJ Khaled, ‘Popstar’ polled at No 3 while Greece charted at No 8 this week, bringing his total Top 10 hits to 40.

The consummate record breaker also broke the record for the most hits in the US Hot 100 in March with 208 songs.

At the moment, he has reached 224 songs on the Hot 100 chart, aided by his most recent full-length release, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which came out in May. Every track from it placed on the Hot 100, including hit track, Toosie Slide at No 1.

Top artists with the most top 10 hits in the US are; Drake, 40, Madonna, 38, The Beatles, 34, Rihanna, 31, Micheal Jackson, 30, Mariah Carey, 28, Stevie wonder, 28, Janet Jackson, 27, Lil Wayne, 25, Elvis Presley, 25 and Taylor Swift, 25.

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