Drake Plays Fortnite on Twitch, Breaks Record for Most Viewed Stream

Streaming video platform Twitch broke its record for most-viewed stream by a single player when pro-gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins got down with pop superstar Drake, among others to play the wildly-popular sandbox shooter Fortnite.

Others on the supergorup are NFL rookie turned gamer JuJu Smith-Schuster (FaZeJuJu_19) and rapper Travis Scott (cactus_jackk92).

At its peak, the stream trended on Twitter and hit 628,000 concurrent viewers, smashing the previous record of 388,000 viewers for a single-player stream.

Watch Drake and Ninja playing together below:

Drake, who said he’d been playing Fortnite for a month or two as he records his next album, thinks the service should concentrate on improving existing maps rather than creating new ones.

Ninja usually gets around 70,000 live viewers per stream, so to pump this up to more than half a million shows the huge cross-over potential in video game live-streaming, and particularly Fortnite, TheVerge writes.

In a press statement, Twitch’s SVP of marketing, Kate Jhaveri, said: “Ninja and Drake’s Fortnite livestream on Twitch attracted 628K concurrent viewers, setting a new milestone in terms of peak concurrent viewers on an individual’s channel. Seeing a top gamer and musician come together on Twitch and unite their large and passionate communities is a cultural moment in terms of building awareness around the appeal of social video and it’s only going to grow from here.”

Ninja after the games were finished: “That was pretty lit man, about as lit as it can get.

“Drake said he had to pack for a flight tomorrow so he’s out… We literally made history tonight.”

We may as well see more celebs in gaming after Drizzy’s stunt.

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