Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Has Been Smashed to Pieces With a Pickaxe

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been smashed to pieces with a pickaxe by a man who reportedly called the police afterward.

“Multiple people—including police—tell me a man walked up with a guitar case and pulled out the pick axe. Then, it’s believed, he called police himself to report it, but left the scene before they got here,” said NBC LA’s Jonathan Gonzalez in his report.

Then he tweeted a picture of the messy rubble that was formerly Trump’s star:

The culprit reportedly called Beverly Hills Police to report the vandalism before leaving the scene, and the Hollywood Reporter added that he was later arrested.

This is the second time someone will be destroying the star with a pickaxe. Trump received the star in 2007.

In October 2016, James Lambert Otis used a pickaxe and sledgehammer to deface the star. Otis said he was doing it in support of women who had accused Trump of sexual assault. He eventually was charged with felony vandalism. Later, in 2017, someone defaced it by writing “Fuck Trump” on the star in black marker.

Now, it has been reduced to complete rubble.

Trump had yet to react to this as at press time.


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