Donald Duke Invites You to Join the ‘Coalition for Nigeria’ Movement

Dear Friend,

One thing we all have in common regardless of status, is a deep seated national sense of discontentment. The question then arises;

What are we doing about it?

Are we prepared to do something or whine about it as we have been doing for years without end?

With shrinking opportunities and an increasing demand by our young and effervescent population, it is evident that except something is done and urgently too, the future is bleaker, riskier and more dangerous.

We see daily the migrations through the Sahara in a journey to the unknown. Young men and women in the prime of their lives, ready to risk the unknown with the vague assurance that it couldn’t be worse than their present circumstance and predicament. In times past, our young folks were abducted into slavery against their will. Today, they literarily walk into enslavement.

The fact that this is happening in an age of enlightenment by relatively enlightened young men and women is even more telling.  If this does not set off alarm bells among us, then we are soulless and inhumane: the very essence of a human being!

Enough of whining, let us together take up the gauntlet and demand the course of action that would ennoble our society and her people. And if this is not done now, when? And if not by us, whom? In every struggle, there is a result. If you try, you may succeed, but if you don’t, you are definitely bound to fail.  I choose to join others and with every breadth in me, be in the vanguard for a better society, knowing that together we can make the difference.

We wish to welcome you aboard.

Donald Duke


Join the movement by clicking here.


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