Don Jazzy Talks About the Amazing Relationship He Shared With D’Banj

Don Jazzy sat down for an Instagram chat, in which he talked about the business relationship he shared with D’Banj and how they trusted each other.

Speaking with Ubi Franklin, the Mavin boss said he and D’Banj had a good working relationship, such that D’Banj never cheated him, and vice versa; that the singer even shared with him, the cash gifts he received from fans.

They were able to maintain this warm relationship before they eventually separated. Which is why he is encouraging label bosses to quit cheating their artists.

“Money issues didn’t occur. Me and D’Banj we were so in sync to the point that he can go to the Oba of Lagos and [receive a gift of, say,] N10 million, and he’ll still come back and we will share that money, which doesn’t have anything to do with performance or streaming,” he said.

He added that it is “If you are not in good terms with the artist, that is when the artist will cut corners.”

Listen to him here.


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