DJ Khaled Lands Podcast Deal with Amazon Music

It’s another win for DJ Khaled as he revealed that he has landed a podcast gig with Amazon Music.

The music producer and father of two stated that the deal with Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezoz, was closed while they were about 47,000 feet above the ground.

DJ Khaled shared the exciting news of his ‘Pod Talk’ which he promises will be inspirational as he’ll be having icons on the show via his Instagram page.

He wrote;

“Quick story we closed the POD CAST DEAL with @amazonmusic @jeffbezoz 47 thousand feet in the air.

“On my POD CAST AKA POD TALK I WILL BE TALKING TO ALL THE ICONS! It’s so inspiring talk! So much motivation talk! And so many amazing real story’s (sic)! It’s truly legendary luv always KHALED KHALED”.


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