DJ Cuppy Sends Out Warning to Speedy Darlington: ‘I’m DJ Cuppy, not DJ Kupe’

DJ Cuppy has sent out a warning to Speedy Darlington who had a lot to say about her the other time.

In case you missed it: Darlington shared a new video on his Instagram in which he talked about wanting to collaborate with the disc-jockey.

“I have decided to keep my mind on the money. Money is incredibly and absolutely powerful. DJ ‘Kupe’, close your legs and give me money, let’s do the damn thing. I am fired to speak on your record,” he said, adding, “Let’s do the damn thing.”

This comes days after Cuppy released her collaborative video with Skuki titled, “Werk.”

Now, the famous DJ has called out Speedy Darlington, taking exception with the way he pronounces her name. “My name is pronounced as DJ ‘Copy’ not ‘Kupe’. Thank you,” she wrote.

See her response and the video below.


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