DJ Boof Might Have Just Revealed Nicki Minaj’s Biggest Secret

It looks like DJ Boof can’t keep a secret especially  when it is one as big as Nicki Minaj.

The DJ fed fire to the flame of fans’ speculations after he dropped a comment under Nicki’s post.

Nicki Minaj had posted a picture of herself sporting nipple pasties and underpants to celebrate Trollz being number 1in 48 countries.

The rapper appeared to have a rounder tummy and there was DJ Boof in the comments dropping the bombshell.

He wrote; “Am I still deejaying the baby shower? Letting it slip that Nicki might not only be pregnant but may be having a baby shower soon enough.

A fan of Nicki tried to caution him that it was meant to be a secret but the DJ insisted that that’s what social media is for.

We can’t wait to meet Nicki’s baby.

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