Director Ryan Coogler Pens Emotional Letter to Fans as ‘Black Panther’ Makes History

Black Panther took the world by storm last weekend and raked in a whopping $242 million in its opening weekend alone, breaking the record for the biggest “standalone super hero launch of all time”, according to E! News. And it is for this reason Ryan Coogler has taken to Marvel’s Instagram page to thank all the fans all over the world who have supported the movie.

Coogler said he never expected that Black Panther will have this much effect on people all over the world, that the support from movie goers from different ethnic backgrounds, including those who encouraged their friends and relatives to see the film, moved him to tears.

“I am struggling to find the words to express my gratitude at this moment, but I will try,” Coogler wrote. “Filmmaking is a team sport. And our team was made up [of] amazing people from all over the world who believed in this story. Deep down we all hoped that people would come to see a film about a fictional country on the continent of Africa, made up of a cast of people of African descent.”

He continued, saying, “Never in a million years did we imagine that you all would come out this strong,” he explained. “It still humbles me to think that people care enough to spend their money and time watching out film—But to see people of all backgrounds wearing clothing that celebrates their heritage, taking pictures next to our posters with their friends and family, and sometimes dancing in the lobbies of theaters—often moved me and my wife to tears.”

“For the people who bought out theatre, who posted on social about how lit the film would be, bragged about our awesome cast, picked out outfits to wear, and who stood in line in theaters all over the world—all before even using the film,” he added.

Read Coogler’s entire note below.


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