Director Brett Ratner Drops the Defamation Lawsuit He Filed Against Rape Accuser

Brett Ratner has dropped the defamation lawsuit he filed against a woman who took to Facebook to accuse him of rape.

In case you missed how the drama started: Melanie Kohler said in a Facebook post written in October 2017, that Ratner raped her 12 years prior when she was drunk. She said he “preyed on me as a drunk girl [and] forced himself upon me.”

This stirred heated reactions amid the peak of the sexual assault scandals in Hollywood, and Ratner strongly denied the allegation and filed a defamation lawsuit against Kohler in federal court in Hawaii. The lawsuit sought for punitive damages and reimbursement for legal costs.

Now, Reality TV World reports that the director has dropped the lawsuit.

Confirming the development, Kohler’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said Kohler’s memories of the incident “are cloudy and unclear.”

“I have been honored to represent Melanie Kohler and we are pleased that Mr. Ratner agreed to dismiss this case,” Kaplan said.

“Cases like this are very difficult, especially when the events happened more than a decade ago and memories are cloudy and unclear. The public conversation about this case has become very painful for Melanie. This result will allow Melanie to move on with her life and spend more time with her family.”

Kaplan, a co-founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, added: “This is a win for women everywhere. We are proud of our client, who stood by her statement and stood up for herself in court, and appreciate Mr. Ratner dismissing this case.”

Ratner’s attorney Andrew Brettler told the Hollywood Reporter that no money was exchanged in a settlement prior to dropping the lawsuit.

“I’m happy that the matter has been resolved,” Brettler said.

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