Digital voting debuts in US election

For many Americans the 2020 presidential election, taking place Tuesday November 3 2020, will be the first time they have had the chance to vote via their computer or mobile phone.

A small number of trials are taking place in several states. One system called Voatz lets you vote on your mobile phone through an app. Another called Democracy Live does it by web browser.

While uncertainty remains over how secure these systems are, some states including West Virginia and South Carolina, have passed laws allowing it.

Military, certain citizens with disabilities and overseas citizens will be able to vote on a mobile device for the presidential election in the US.

Here’s how it works: You download an app, use biometrics to verify your identity, vote and submit. The vote is printed out at the election office to have a paper ballot to compare to.

In 2018, the system was so new that very few in the military used it then. It is expected to have far more application in the tense race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


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