Dewy Oputa Replies Her Father, Charly Boy Over His Post on Accepting Her Sexuality

Dewy Oputa has replied her father, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy aka Area Fada’s earlier lengthy post to parents about coming to terms with his last child’s sexuality.

The activist had declared his unflinching love for his lesbian daughter, though confessing he had a hard time working through accepting this but it seems Dewy isn’t convinced.

Taking to the comment section of her famous father’s post, Dewy Oputa who called out Charly Boy in 2018, accusing him of being a clout chaser after he posted about her, stated that she wasn’t going to go through all of it again with him and would just let him go on and post ‘his little content for his followers’.

Charly Boy who seems to be trying to mend their relationship replied his daughter;

“@dwewyoputa My princess don’t be like dat. I am proud of you and Love u so much. Daddy’s sweetheart u will always be darling”.

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