Denzel Washington Gets Real: “I Will Break Somebody’s Back if They Mess With My Daughter”

Denzel Washington is ready to ruin anyone who dares to mess with his beloved daughter Olivia.

The legendary actor made this known during a sit-down with the i newspaper, where he talked about the trending sexual harassment scandals that has blighted the industry recently.

27-year-old Olivia is also an actress; one of her major appearances includes starring alongside Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey in 2013 film, The Butler. She also played an FBI agent in three episodes of TV crime drama Mr Robot.

Asked if he felt she was safeguarded as a young actress in the wake of widespread coverage of the Hollywood sexual harassment controversy, the actor said: “Yes, plus I will break somebody’s back if they mess around with my daughter.”

He continued, “Let that be the message to put out there. Their back will be broken.”

The actor spoke about other things, including reducing his alcohol consumption. But the message is loud and clear: don’t mess with his daughter, Olivia.


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