Denrele Edun Shares the Horrifying Story of Humiliation in the Fashion Industry

Denrele Edun is one brave soul.

The model-presenter took to his Instagram yesterday to share the horrifying experience at the hands of a Lagos-based designer who humiliated him in 1998, how the model resilience earned him a spot on the runway, although he was never paid for the show.

He wrote:

In the spirit of FashionWeek, allow me to dig out my dusty portfolios and throwback my first ever professional modeling shot! Despite [the] disgusted looks from passers-by, I walked with my defiant confidence to d local bus-stop to board a Molue that’ll take me to another Designer’s showroom.

I had developed a knack for appearing at Fashion Designer showrooms and their houses to present my pictures & my overwhelming personality. All in a bid to convince them to walk in their shows. Mind you; I was the shortest, skinniest Male Model at that time, but that didn’t deter me. The Hustle was real!

I got to a designer’s house and saw a cluster of top models. They all burst into laughter when I walked past but then, who cared? Sighting a familiar face, I ran up to her and was told fittings had begun. In my usual bravado, i saw the designer & walked up to him.

[The] moment I introduced myself & my intentions, he stared me down and asked:

“Are you a Refugee?”

“No Sir, but I’m the model with a unique look who’ll love to walk for u,” I threw back confidently.

He looked me up and down and said, “U can never walk on my runway. U look like a malnourished Somalian refugee”, and with that, he faced his tailors & continued giving directives. “I’ll wait in d Showroom Sir, till [you are] ready to fit me”, I answered bk & walked into the reception.

This designer actually hissed & went in. Came out, dismissed all d other models without me noticing and left the building.

Wit all d bravado I could muster, I waited for an agonizing 12 hours. I was scared to go get something to eat cos i didn’t want to miss his entrance.

At about 11 pm, he strolled in with some other models. They obviously had finished a shoot & he seemed to be in a light mood.

Seein my chance, I walked up to him.

This time, he lost his cool. But that didn’t stop me from walking his show weeks after. He refused to pay me & not only was I stranded but had to walk from V/I to Yaba where Vigilantes made me frog jump on the express! The Designer? We’re friends till date! Why? Denrele get clean mind!”

Read the full story here.

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