Denola Grey Bares All. He Talks Surviving Depression and Bullying

Media personality, Denola Grey got candid as he discussed surviving bullying and depression with Betty Irabor.

In a new episode of ‘Life Lessons with Betty Irabor’, the fashionista opened up about living with anxiety for about 20 years now.

He revealed he had 4 meltdowns in his 20s triggered by anxiety and has suffered bouts of depression.

Denola Grey said his mother played a significant role in getting him help, seeking therapy to do deal with the crippling anxiety.

He shared an experience from 2010 when he was back in Texas. He revealed that it got to a point where he couldn’t trust anyone and resorted to drinking.

Denola revealed that his anxiety started in secondary school when he was about 10/12 years. He was nicknamed ‘Barbie’and ‘Bubble head’ because he was not masculine and had a big head to go with his tiny body.

Watch the video below


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