Dennis Quaid Says His Marriage to Meg Ryan was the “Most Successful Relationship of My Life”

Dennis Quaid says marrying Meg Ryan was one of the best decisions he had ever taken in his life.

E! News reports that the actors got married on Valentine’s Day in 1991 after falling in love on the set of the movie D.O.A,  and barely a year later, they welcomed their son, Jack Quaid. Sadly, the marriage packed up in 2000 and their divorce got finalised in the summer of 2001.

Speaking with Today‘s Megyn Kelly. During the interview, Quaid looked back on how far he has come and when asked to speak about his ex-wife Meg Ryan, he said their romance was the “most successful relationship” of his life.

Unashamedly, he admitted to feeling nonexistent during their time together because when they met, he was the “big deal”, but overtime, her success overshadowed his, such that when they walked down the street people only called her name. “I have to admit it, I did feel like I disappeared. I didn’t think I was that small, but I was,” Quaid confessed.

Their son is gradually carving a niche for himself in the industry; he is famous for starring as Marvel in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013. Jack has also starred in other films and TV shows. And when asked if they supported Jack’s foray into Hollywood, Quaid said he and Ryan “didn’t encourage or discourage” Jack from becoming an actor.

You can watch the interview here.


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