Dencia ‘Schools’ America on How to Prevent School Shootings: ‘Guns Aren’t the Problem. Bullying is.’

Dencia has echoed rapper Cardi B’s thought on how to prevent more school shootings, and she says guns aren’t the problem, people are. And this comes after the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed the lives of seventeen school children and staff.

Speaking about how to prevent more occurrences, Cardi said that the students who end up taking guns to school were often picked on by their colleagues. “The school shooter has never looked like the cheerleader, [or] the popular kid. It is always the kid that looks socially awkward..and I feel like one of the best way to prevent this type of tragedy is: stop picking on these kids. Stop bullying on these kids. The devil speaks to you the most when you feel helpless,” she said.

And then she urged young student to stop bullying their colleagues. “Stop picking on them! If you see these kids that look a little weird and not like you, say ‘hi’ to them. That should be better than picking [on them].”

And Dencia is echoing same thought.

Posting on her Twitter yesterday, the Nigerian-Cameroonian singer said America is going about the gun debate the wrong way. “Americans are focused on the wrong thing, guns aren’t ur problem. A hurt person will find a way to hurt the people or person who hurt them.Teach love, stop the bullies,” she said, adding, “They’ll use other things to hurt people, kids are mean AF, humans are inhuman & treat each other like shit.”

See her tweets:

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