Dencia Insults Footballer Leon Balogun for Criticising Her Bleaching Cream Empire

Dencia is still shooting darts at those who have something to say about her controversial bleaching cream business.

Today, the Cameroonian singer took to her Instagram to insult Leon Balogun and his parents all because he encouraged black people to stay away from dangerous bleaching agents, like Dencia’s. And in her response, Dencia insulted his parents, dismissed him as a lowly-paid “slave” and claimed that Leon’s “white privilege” didn’t get him into the big leagues.

This comes hours after she told Broadway TV that her products aren’t for the average Nigerians because they can’t afford them. “[Nigerians] have a choice. It’s not a necessity, it’s a luxury. The average Nigerian cannot buy it. So, it’s for people that need it and can afford it,” she said.

See the barbed response below.


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