Demi Lovato Allegedly Refused Team’s Help Weeks Before She Overdosed

TMZ is reporting that Demi Lovato’s team had offered to help her weeks before she overdosed on drug.

According to the media house, this was confirmed by a source who claimed that the singer had already fallen into a bad place a few weeks ago before the sad incident, that her team confronted her and tried to help but she refused the offer.

“We’re told they offered assistance to get her back to sobriety. The plan was to urge her into a rehab program,” said the media house, adding, “We’re told the intervention attempt was not successful — Demi refused and continued to party, instead. Other sources tell us she tried to make it seem like everything was okay, but her struggle became obvious shortly before Tuesday’s overdose.”

The media house further claimed that the singer and her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, parted ways a couple months ago. While it is still unclear why the manager left, sources claimed he had tried to intervene.

This comes days after Demi overdosed on heroin. Presently, she is stable and fans are sending her all the good wishes.

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