‘Dear 2020, No Vex’, Comedian Bovi Issues Unreserved Apology

2020 has been that  year, and like many others, Bovi Ugboma needs things to change for the better.

The comedian took to Instagram to issue an unreserved, written apology to this year and beg forgiveness for whatever ills mankind has wrought on it.

“Dear 2020, no vex. We no know wetin we do you but we are sorry,” he wrote

The unusually high incidence of bad news on a global scale this year has been something. From the Australian wildfire, to death of good and notable people, high case of sexual assault and rape, the global corona virus pandemic, etc, has left us in need of a break.

So we join Bovi in issuing this apology from the the bottom of our hearts to 2020. Abeg, no vex.

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