D’banj Under Fire After Rape Accuser Was Arrested by the Police

D’banj is catching a lot of flak on Twitter after folks learned that Seyitan, who accused him of rape was whisked away by the police, along with Seyitan mum.

As though this was not injury enough, sources close to the accuser reported that Seyitan was denied access to legal representation, and was intimidated into deleting her tweets.

And this shocking turn comes only days after D’banj addressed the rape accusation and demanded N100 million in compensation for what he claimed was a false accusation.

Kiki Mordi, who championed Seyitan’s cause on social media, noted that D’banj is apparently intimidating his accuser with the police because of a deal he is working on securing.

Mordi tweeted:

“I have reason to believe his deal has been delayed (which is the right thing to do) and this has led to D’Banj and his team coming after everyone including his ex manager who corroborated Seyitan’s story. I spoke to her lawyers and they also have reason to believe she’s being coerced to recant her accusations but with no one having access to her it’s difficult to ascertain! They have applied for bail and our fingers are crossed.”

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Shortly after news of Seyitan’s arrest went viral, Kiki Mordi confirmed that the police had finally released her.

“Update: She has been released but the legal journey is still very long. Whatever happens, no one must be silenced for “justice” to prevail! Many people have reached out and it’s only fair that both parties have a fighting chance! Thank you for showing up today. We go tomorrow!” Mordi tweeted.

There is a currently a vibrant campaign to help raise Seyitan’s legal fees.

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