Davido Says Africa is Taking Over the World: ‘It’s Hard to be Stopped!’

Davido is very conscious of the mark Africa as a cultural force is making on the world.

The Assurance singer said this in recent chat at the Midem music festival and conference in Cannes, where he gave props to South Africa for producing the soundtrack for Black Panther, and also praised Nigeria for the football jersey that is the talk of the town at the moment.

“The whole envelope is like a cycle and when you have a cycle, it is very hard to be stopped. First it was the music, now it is the culture, the food, the fashion, and sports too,” he said, before name dropping Naomi Campbell as an example of a celeb that is totes obsessed with the continent.

The singer went on to retell how he tried to make American music during his stay in the western country but failed. He came home and has since become a household name.

Black Panther was one of the biggest things to happen to our culture. We used to watching movies about slavery, movies about wars but it’s the first time we are seeing superheros. The (Black Panther fictional mineral) Vibranium is like African culture, it lasts long. The Nigerian football jersey was the only World Cup jersey to sell out, huh? It is crazy for the whole continent to come together.”

And he said a lot more.

Watch the interview below.

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