Davido Gets Candid: “Nobody Supports Me in This Industry. It’s Just Hate”

Davido has taken to his Instagram Story to have a heart-to-heart with fans and critics who have been following his progress since he came to the spotlight.

According to the hit-maker, he has no support from the figureheads in the industry, and this he feels is because of his father’s wealth which, by no means, is his fault.

“I’m already used to it. I have been in this industry for seven years and nobody supports me. It is just hate. From morning till night, it is just hate, because my papa get money. Na my fault?” he said, adding, “I work hard. I deliver hits. I take care of my people.”

And to those who have a problem with him and how he carries himself, he had some terse words for.

Watch him below:

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