Davido Apologises for Shaming Vlogger Temi Lolo After Nigerians Roasted Him

Davido has taken to his social media to post a long letter in which he apologised to Temi Lolo and his fans after folks raked him over hot coals for shaming the vlogger.

Recall the drama started after the top travel vlogger chimed into the conversation Wizkid started recently, about why it is important for Nigerians to vote for their chosen candidates and not to be lured by celebrities who supposedly have collected money from these politicians.

Lolo noted that Davido may have gotten money from politicians, especially because of the political concerts he had held recently. And this got the singer upset. Rather than refute the vlogger’s claims, Davido chose to body-shame and slut shame her, an action that irked many Nigerians on social media. Because they all dragged him for filth.

“Come at me with something intelligent,” Lol said in her response to him, adding that she has had to deal with men who, when they have nothing smart to say to intelligent a woman, choose to body-shame her.

“Stop making everything about how a woman looks,” she added, “There is nothing else to say. It has become so normal for a woman to be rated by her physical appearance and not what she says.”

Now, the singer says he is sorry.

“For my reaction and things said in response, I sincerely apologise. I let my anger get the better of me and it was wrong,” he wrote, and to his fans, he said, “For letting y’all down, I’m truly sorry. I apologise to ever [woman] out there that may also have been offended by my words/reaction starting with Temi.”

And he said a lot more.

See his response below:


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