Dapchi Update: FG Released Names of Missing Girls, Gives Breakdown (List Attached)

The Federal Government has released the names and other details of the 110 girls who have yet to be accounted for, following the attack on the Government Girls Science and Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, Yobe State, on 19 Feb. 2018.

The list was contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who has twice led a Federal Government delegation to Yobe since the tragic incident occurred.

The list, which was handed over to the Minister by the Yobe State Government, contains the name, age and class of each of the 110 students. Out of the 110 missing girls, 8 are in JSS1, 17 in JSS2, 12 in JSS3, 40 in SS1, 19 in SS2 and 14 in SS3. The girls’ ages range from 11 to 19 years.

The list, which also contains the contact address and phone number of each missing girl, was verified by a 26-member Screening Committee that includes the Executive Secretary, State Teaching Service Board, Musa Abdulsalam; Director, Schools’ Management, Ministry of Education, Shuaibu Bulama; Principal of GGSTC, Adama Abdulkarim; the two Vice Principals, Ali Musa Mabu and Abdullahi Sule Lampo; Admission Officer, Bashir Ali Yerima, and the Form Masters for all the classes.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, on Tuesday relocated to Yobe State to personally superintend the search for the girls. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) had earlier deployed more platforms to the North east for the search, as the security agencies ramp up their efforts to locate and rescue the girls.

As at 6 pm on Monday, the NAF had flown a total of 200 hours while conducting the search.

Please find the full list of the missing girls below.





1JSS 108





1Aisha Abdullahi12 yearsJSS1
2Fati Muhammed11 yearsJSS1
3Fatima Modu Aisami12 yearsJSS1
4Fatima Abdullahi Ali12 yearsJSS1
5Salamatu Garba13 yearsJSS1
6Adama Garba12 yearsJSS1
7Hadiza Ali11 yearsJSS1
8Aisha Adamu Alkali11 yearsJSS1
9Hadiza Muhammed Musa14 yearsJSS2
10Fatima Usman14 yearsJSS2
11Rabi Yahaya Tela13 yearsJSS2
12Zainab Usman14 yearsJSS2
13Fanna Muhammad13 yearsJSS2
14Zainab Mohammed Bama13 yearsJSS2
15Fatima Yahaya13 yearsJSS2
16Amina Yahaya13 yearsJSS2
17Maryam Aliyu Mabu14 yearsJSS2
18Fatima Ishaku Aliyu13 yearsJSS 2
19Habiba Nuhu Dan-Inuwa14 yearsJSS2
20Zainab Bukar Abba14 yearsJSS2
21Fatsuma Ali14 yearsJSS2
22Salamatu Isiyaku14 yearsJSS2
23Hauwa Bulama14 yearsJSS2
24Rabi A. Nasir14 yearsJSS2
25Khadija Sule13 yearsJSS2
26Aisha Muhammad Aminami14 yearsJSS3
27Aisha A. Maina14 yearsJSS3
28Fatima Bashir14 yearsJSS3
29Fatima Muhammad14 yearsJSS3
30Fatima Aji Hassan15 yearsJSS3
31Hadiza Sale14 yearsJSS3
32Khadija Suleiman15 yearsJSS3
33Walida Adamu15 yearsJSS3
34Maimuna A. Hassan14 yearsJSS3
35Maryam Ibrahim14 yearsJSS3
36Zainab Abubakar Yakubu13 yearsJSS3
37Amina Haruna15 yearsJSS3
38Falmata Wakil15 yearsSS1A
39Maimuna Musa16 yearsSS1A
40Sahura Jibrin Muhammad15 yearsSS1A
41Fatima Bukar16 yearsSS1A
42Hajara Yahaya Tela15 yearsSS1A
43Hajara Ali16 yearsSS1A
44Maryam Adamu Muhammad14 yearsSS1A
45Fatsuma Muhammad15 yearsSS1A
46Hauwa Salisu14 yearsSS1A
47Amina Adamu16 yearsSS1B
48Zara Musa16 yearsSS1B
49Aisha Abba Aji16 yearsSS1B
50Fatima Alhaji Ari15 yearsSS1B
51Aisha Alhaji Deri Dokta16 yearsSS1B
52Maryam Usman Sale15 yearsSS1B
53Hassana Gambo15 yearsSS1B
54Hauwa Usman16 yearsSS1B
55Hajara Muhammad Gidado16 yearsSS1B
56Zara Muhammed Lawan15 yearsSS1C
57Khadija Grema Dabuwa15 yearsSS1C
58Aisha M. Wakil15 yearsSS1C
59Amina Abubakar16 yearsSS1D
60Fatima Modu Abubakar15 yearsSS1D
61Fatima Ibrahim16 yearsSS1D
62Zara Grema Dabuwa15 yearsSS1D
63Maryam Adam Kontoma15 yearsSS1D
64Falmata Wakil16 yearsSS1D
65Maimuna Umar Alhassan15 yearsSS1E
66Hajara Adamu Abubakar15 yearsSS1E
67Aisha Modu Bamba16 yearsSS1F
68Bintu Yerima16 yearsSS1F
69Zara Grema16 yearsSS1F
70Fatima Adamu16 yearsSS1F
71Fatsuma Abubakar Jambo16 yearsSS1F
72Maryam Mustapha15 yearsSS1F
73Fatsuma Abdullahi15 yearsSS1F
74Aisha Usman15 yearsSS1F
75Fatsuma Ibrahim Isa16 yearsSS1F
76Fatima Hassan Mustapha16 yearsSS1F
77Leah Sharibu16 yearsSS1F
78Maryam Bashir17 yearsSS2A
79Maryam Muhammed17 yearsSS2A
80Maryam Ibrahim Adam16 yearsSS2A
81Hauwa Manuga Lawan16 yearsSS2A
82Hauwa Saidu Abubakar17 yearsSS2B
83Falmata Alhaji Inuwa16 yearsSS2C
84Zara Muhammed17 yearsSS2C
 85Fatima Muhammed16 yearsSS2C
86Maryam Usman16 yearsSS2C
87Aisha B. Danjuma18 yearsSS2C
88Aisha Mamuda16 yearsSS2D
89Zara Tijjani16 yearsSS2D
90Aisha A. Adamu16 yearsSS2E
91Fatsuma Sani17 yearsSS2E
92Fatima Usman17 yearsSS2E
93Amina Abdullahi18 yearsSS2F
94Aisha Kachalla16 yearsSS2F
95Maryam Kalwuri17 yearsSS2F
96Bintu Usman17 yearsSS2F
97Fatima A. Grah18 yearsSS3C
98Habiba Musa18 yearsSS3C
99Hajara Karumi18 yearsSS3C
100Karima Inusa18 yearsSS3C
101Falmata A. Audu18 yearsSS3C
102Hafsat A. Grah18 yearsSS3D
103Fatima Makinta Liman19 yearsSS3D
104Aisha Muhammad Jakusko18 yearsSS3D
105Hadiza Muhammed18 yearsSS3D
106Hauwa Mohammed Idris18 yearsSS3E
107Aisha M. Bukar18 yearsSS3E
108Hadiza Abubakar18 yearsSS3F
109Fanna Muhammed Modu17 yearsSS3F
110Maryam Muhammed18 yearSS3F



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