Daddy Freeze Blames Nigerian Pastors After Instagram Deleted His Page

Daddy Freeze refuses to take his foot off the necks of Nigerian pastors, despite the fact that his famous platform has been deleted by Instagram.

Yesterday, the famous OAP took to his new Instagram page to call out Nigerian pastors who he thinks are the mind behind the deletion of his Instagram page.

“We have definitely disturbed their business formula and disrupted their earnings, their god who is in their belly has been disgraced and they are raging,” he wrote, adding, “If not, why are they so desperate to shut me up?”

He continued, “Even if they close all my social media accounts down and close down all the accounts of all #FreeNation members they still cannot mute a conversation that is already gaining momentum.”

And many fans are already following the new account. As at press time, he had garnered over 24, 000 followers, much more than most Nigerian celebrity accounts gain in a day.

Will Instagram delete this new account? We can’t wait to see how this drama pans out.

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