Dabota Lawson Talks About Mental Health and the Importance of Therapy

Dabota Lawson has spoken the truth about our oft nonchalance about our mental health.

The entrepreneurial businesswoman took to her Instagram to write about the important role therapists play in our communities, and why Nigeria must stop disregarding their services.

If only people knew how important it is to see a therapist once in a while,” she began, adding, “Nigerians especially disregard the importance of a therapists. sometimes trauma from childhood, teenage and the early stages of your adult hood can really affect you. Some people don’t even understand why a particular word when used in reference to them triggers ill feelings.”

She continued, “sometimes you don’t even understand why your efforts are not leading to elevation. why you’re constantly being rejected. You can’t understand why certain things are happening the way they are.”

“A good therapist will really do a lot of good for you. Therapist are not for mad people only. Not everything is a spiritual battle or ancestral curse.”

See her full post below:


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