Cynthia Morgan Signs New Management Deal With US-based Firm

Cynthia Morgan also known as Madrina has signed a management deal with a Top US based Entertainment management company “The Facilitator Firm Management.”

According to Cynthia’s new PR counsel; Muyiwa Babalola:

“The Facilitator Firm is a Full -Service Boutique Artist Management, Indie-Record Label, Artist Services and Publishing Company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. forged by the partnership of Founder / CEO “ Uncle Odis “ Johnson and Co-Founder / President Tabiyah Yetunde. Both are Long time Music Industry Veterans with a combined total of 50 plus years experience in Music and Entertainment. “Cynthia resonates with a diverse fan base all over the world because of her feel-good music and vibe,” . “I’ve seen and studied her global appeal, I’ve also come to know her as a friend. It is no longer news that the world is increasingly fascinated by the Afrobeat sounds. Together, there is a commitment to utilize Cynthia’s refined magic to continue to exhibit Afrobeat on the world stage, and in a more organized dimension.”

Cynthia Morgan herself is just as excited to join her new management company.

“Odis Johnson and Tabiyah are the perfect match for me, Tabiyah has got in-depth knowledge of my type of music, she’s work with notable artists across the Caribbean and to top it all, her man management skill is special. And Odis is such a genius, so much experience in the music business, he’s had great success managing some highly placed US base artists. I feel lucky to have the combination of these two wonderful individuals to work with. But I’m also excited because I believe you meet some people for a certain reason. Being a manager is more than just about the music. It’s everything that has to do with the artist’s life; a 360-dimensional thing. Tabiyah and Odis are individuals who also care about the artist as a person and not just about the music business. It’s important to be surrounded by people who actually care.

I made the decision to sign the deal with the global market in mind. The facilitator management firm definitely understands the global market,” My New PR team headed by Muyi, did a data mining research on my music and he presented to me, then I realized how much fans I have beyond the shores of Nigeria— including places I’ve never been. “I’m rest assured The Facilitator management firm can help bring that to a larger scale. Doing it independently, you don’t really have those teams to help worldwide. — “The facilitator” has worked with a lot of artists on the global stage, That’s why I wanted to partner up with them.”

About a month ago, Cynthia has just released her new single “Hustle.”

The Lagos based dancehall star is no stranger to hit tracks and topping charts. She has released a number of award winning and top 10 hits like “German juice,” “Lead Me on,” “I’m Taken,” and “Simatiniya.” “Baby Mama” and so on . She’s set on making international collaboration with Grammy award winning artists “Snow Cone” and the many more.

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