Culture War! Ghanaian beats Nigerian in Jollof Contest

The eternal debate between Ghanaians and Nigerians over who makes better jollof seems to have been partially laid to rest following the result of a cooking contest held in Accra, Ghana on Saturday.

It turns out a 24-year-old Ghanaian Chef, Sika Mortoo, who represented her country in the contest bested her Nigerian counterpart, Chef Turay to win the Onga Jollof Battle.

According to Ghanaian Times, the judges ruled in favour of the Ghanaian, who pulled out 277 points representing 92 per cent as against her opponent, Chef Turay’s 227 points representing 75 per cent.

Three judges, Chef Balo, Chef Love Ansah and Yehshen Naidoo from Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa all voted in favour of the Ghanaian.

Speaking on the outcome, the Managing Director of Promasidor Ghana Limited, Festus Tettey, said the contest “has settled the debate once and for all, and definitely Ghana has the best jollof.”

Sika, meanwhile, expressed gratitude to Onga for bringing Nigeria and Ghana together for the competition which further cements the bond between the two countries.

“I am pleased to win this competition since I know Nigerians also prepare good food. It was a great challenge and hope such events would continue,” she added.

See more photos from the event…

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