Cult Killings: Gov Ben Ayade declares 35 wanted

The Cross River State government has declared 35 persons wanted for cultism and other related offences.

The 35 persons are also being wanted in relation to their role in recent cult killings in Calabar that claimed the lives of four persons including that of former Chapter Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Odukpani Local Government Area and an aide to Governor Ben Ayade, Mr. Ekpenyong Akom, The Guardian reports.

The Permanent Secretary, Special Services Governor’s office, Mr. Alfred Mboto, said: “The spate of killings and violence taking place in the Calabar Metropolis over supremacies of various fraternities is alarming and unacceptable by government and people of Cross River State.”

He said as a result, the state government has declared the 35 persons “who have been identified as the ring leaders wanted”.

In the list published by government in a letter dated May 22 but made available to news on May 25 has 14 persons with their real names while 21 others have just their first names or nicknames on cult activities in the state which has delegated from university to the street boys and secondary schools under different names and colouration has claimed several lives in the state.

Some persons in government who pleaded anonymity said, “if government wants to rid the state of cultism it should first of look inwards and nib it in the bud as many of the persons in government today belong to one cult group or another.

“Some of them are very powerful and they give the boys cover and finances and same boys are used during election and after election what do you expect.”


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