Crip Gang Members Reportedly ‘Check’ 6ix9ine in Prison

6ix9ine reportedly got into an altercation with some Crips in prison.

According to TMZ, after the rapper’s unsuccessful bail hearing, several Crips confronted the alleged 9 Trey Bloods gang member when he returned to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. The blog says a Crips members “g checked” 6ix9ine to see if he was really a gang member, and things went downhill. Threats were made, insults exchanged before prison staff intervened.

This, reportedly, was the reason why 6ix9ine was transferred to a new, safer facility, his legal team say.

“6ix9ine was being threatened in jail. However, he was not scared nor did he request being removed,” said his attorney Lance Lazzaro. “The [Bureau of Prisons], acting upon these threats, removed him to a different facility to eliminate the threat.”

The rapper is still awaiting trial.

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