Crew Member Working on Tom Hanks Film Dies After Fall From Balcony

Sky News is reporting that a sound mixer working on a Tom Hanks feature died after falling off the balcony on the set of Hanks which is centred around the life and times of children’s television presenter Fred Rogers.

Emmy-winning James Emswiller, who has worked on films such as The Avengers and The Fault In Our Stars, reportedly fell from a balcony in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, during a mid-shoot break, according to police. And during a conversation with the police, witnesses told officers that the 61-year-old “was alone on the balcony taking a cigarette break when he may have suffered a medical emergency resulting in his fall from the balcony.”

Police said initial reports did not indicate any “foul play”, however they continue to conduct investigations.

Emswiller reportedly died after he was taken to a hospital.

His death caused the film production to come to a halt as the police continue to out their investigation.

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