Craze Clown Reveals Someone Died in Ghastly Car Accident He Survived

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Craze Clown took to his Instagram page to share a video of a mangled car, stating that he just survived that accident.

The Instagram skit maker who could only express his gratitude for surviving the ghastly car accident at that time and promised to share details later on, took to Instagram once again to reveal that someone died in the accident.

A tearful Craze Clown who could barely get any word out in the new video he posted, disclosed that his life flashed before his eyes in the moments leading up to the crash and he had already accepted that it might be the end for him.

The trained medical doctor stated that he  suffered only a dislocated wrist  and minor bruises as he played Tim Godfrey’s ‘Nara Ekele Mo’ in the background.

Once again, Craze Clown expressed his heartfelt gratitude to God for saving his life and also thanked everyone who reached out to him since the news of his accident.

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