COVID-19: Presidency calls for ‘rejoicing’ over Buhari’s negative test

The presidency on Wednesday said that Nigerians should be rejoicing after President Muhammadu Buhari’s test for COVID-19 returned negative.

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the president on media and publicity, stated this in a chat with journalists in Abuja.

When asked whether indeed the president was tested for COVID-19, Adesina responded: “What did you hear about the result?”

When told, “negative,” he added: “Good. So, that calls for rejoicing with him. Anybody that does the test and tests negative, we will rejoice with that person. And anybody that does it and tests positive, it’s not a death sentence.

“We also would pray along with the person, give the person our goodwill and best wishes and they will surely come out of it.

“Even the index case in Nigeria recovered and has been discharged. So, God that has shown us mercy thus far and will continue to show that mercy.

“Anybody that tests positive is not a death sentence. They will be attended to, they will be tested and they will be fine.”

Adesina noted that things were on the low key at the presidential villa, which he said had not necessarily shut down its activities.

He added: “Well, things are a bit on a low key, it doesn’t mean that the State House is shut down. It’s just that things are a bit on the low key just like the rest of the country.

“The rest of the country is also on a low key. There is a partial lockdown in most parts of the country. So, what is happening at the State House can also be called a partial lockdown but not a complete lockdown.”

Adesina’s take comes amid concerns for the president’s health after his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, tested positive for the virus.

Sources at the State House said the president has shown signs of illness over the past weeks.


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