Comedian Ebiye Breaks Silence Over Defaulting Car Payment

Ebiye Imeobong Victor aka Ebiye has broken his silence and responded to allegations that he defaulted on payment of a Benz car he bought.

The funny man took to his Instagram page to detail what happened as he shared his side of the events that led to being called out.

Ebiye stated that he was introduced to the car vendor and after negotiations, was to N3.8 million for the car.

The comedian disclosed that he made an initial payment of N2.9 million and it was agreed that the balance would be paid installmentally. However, the Corona virus pandemic struck and he couldn’t make the scheduled payment.

He went on to state that his business was affected as funds didn’t flow in as before during the height of the pandemic and so he got back to his creditor to explain things and ask for grace.

Ebiye said he begged the man because he was as afraid of being called out online but was glad that it finally happened as he now feels an immense sense of relief after the worst he feared has happened.

He revealed that he normally wouldn’t respond to things like this online but felt a need to because some people have suffered mental breakdown as a result of being called out online or even contemplated suicide for such happenings as this.

The funny man went on to note that social media is just a tiny dot in the vastness that is the world, hence, folks shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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