Ciara Finally Explains Why She Broke Up With Rapper Future

Ciara and Future parted ways in 2014, and the singer is finally speaking up about their break up.

Speaking with Jada Pinkett-Smith’s family on the latest episode of Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk, the singer explained the emotions that led to her split with Future, and how it helped her find the peace she feels today.

Although Ciara didn’t mention the rapper by name, she recounted the moment she realized it was time for her to leave Future.

“I remember one time I was working out on the elliptical machine and I was just not sure about do I stay or what direction do I go? What’s the right thing to do? It’s easy to do this, but is the easy thing the right thing?” Ciara said. She then explained how she took their son, Future, on several trips to solidify her confidence in walking away from the situation. This decision showed the singer that she had to commit to herself instead of others.

“If I chose not to commit I was going to fall apart,” Ciara says at the 6:12 mark. “The one thing I will say is, I’m really afraid of losing myself. And I think if you sit in situations that are unhealthy or you let them linger too long you start to lose yourself. I don’t like crying all the time. I don’t like being sad. So I’m like, ‘how do I get out of this? Because I like being happy.'”

In addition to her past relationship, Ciara also expressed gratitude to Wilson for accepting her for who she is and loving her the way she always wanted others to.

“Me and my husband look at each other and I’m a better woman because of him and he says he’s a better man because of me,” Ciara said. “You need those roller-coaster rides. I believe in my journey happening in front of the world for a reason.”

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