Christina Aguilera to Receive Equality Award for LGBTQ Advocacy

Christina Aguilera is set to be recognised by the Human Rights Campaign–a civil rights organization striving for LGBTQ equality.

According to THR, the organisation announced on Thursday that Christina Aguilera will be honoured with its HRC Ally for Equality Award later this month, for raising funds for HIV/AIDS research, advocating for marriage equality and speaking out against anti-LGBTQ bullying. Aguilera’s music also was noted for increasing awareness about acceptance and equality, specifically her 2002 single “Beautiful.”

“Christina Aguilera is a living legend and a true LGBTQ icon who consistently uses her global superstar platform to share a message of hope and inspiration to those who have been marginalized simply because of who they are,” HRC president Chad Griffin said in a statement. “Through her powerful music and her tireless efforts for positive change, she is making a real difference in the lives of countless people while bringing greater visibility to the LGBTQ community.”

And this comes almost two years after Aguilera wrote a letter to the LGTB community during the Gay Pride Month, showing her support for the many obstacles its members face. “The LGBTQ community has never had it easy,” she wrote, “the struggles each one of you faces daily on an individual level and on a broader political and cultural level are unimaginable, yet you keep fighting, you will keep moving forward trailblazing and beating all odds with love always in your hearts.”

Aguilera concluded the letter with an invitation to “celebrate being unique,” because it simply makes a person more special. The singer signed off by expressing “love” for those who continue to fight for themselves and their beliefs.

Aguilera will receive the award March 30 at a presentation at the JW Marriott L.A. LIVE.

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