Chris Rock Says Rihanna ‘Uncle-Zoned’ Him: ‘She Didn’t Even Register Me as a Sexual Being’

Chris Rock tried shooting his shot with Rihanna, but the pop star wasn’t having it!

The comedian revealed this during a sit-down on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, where he talked about his new movie, The Week Of, which debuts Friday on Netflix.

Fallon grilled Rock about his infamous attempt to holler at Rihanna, and the comedian admitted that his attempts to woo the singer “did not register at all.”

“Rihanna is so fine if she didn’t sing her life would be exactly the same,” Rock said. “She’d have clothing lines, people would be asking for autographs.”

“I thought, ‘Hey, I’m single now. Let me give it a go,'” Rock recalled, adding that Rihanna was unfazed. “She didn’t even register me as a sexual being. She was saying ‘Where’s Ray J?’ I was, like, in the uncle zone.”


He said a lot more.

Watch the video below.


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