Chris Brown Wants to Tour With Rihanna, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, and Fans Freak Out

Chris Brown is wilding on Twitter.

Last night, for unstated reasons, the singer took to his Twitter to share his wildest dream: he wants to go on tour with Beyonce, Rihanna and Bruno Mars.

“Just thinking…. A CRAZY WORLD TOUR would Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, CHRIS BROWN. ‘2 for 2’. And if y’all decide to do it without me… give me 10%,” Chris tweeted.

While his fans went absolute apeshit over the news, other people, especially fans of Rihanna, scoffed at him: they won’t easily forget February 8, 2009, when he violently attacked his-then girlfriend Rihanna during an altercation. She sustained facial injuries and needed medical treatment. A month later, Chris was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats, and in June of same year, he pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal of five years of probation, community labor, in lieu of jail time and domestic violence counseling.

For years, that criminal history has haunted his career and relationships, and now he is talking about going on tour with her and other super powers.

Well here’s what folks think of his dreaming:

What do you think?

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