Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Talks About Abortion, Shaving & More in Marie Claire Brazil

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the latest cover star of the Marie Claire Brazil, where she talked, among other things, about her feminism and why the movement is a necessary one.

See the excerpts from the Google-translated page below:

About feminism, she said: “Feminism has to do with justice. There is still no equality in the world, so we must work to make it there. Thanks to feminism women can vote, buy a car or a house, without a man signing the document or the release that gives them permission.”

She added that feminism is not against marriage or having children but against impositions. She said, “Feminism wants women to choose. I am a feminist, happy to be one, and I have a husband and a daughter.”

About abortion, she said: “Nobody wants to kill children. Feminism says that women must have the opportunity to choose to do what they want with their bodies. A pregnancy can kill a woman, so a woman must be able to make decisions about pregnancy. You can decide not to abort, of course, but you must not impose this decision on others. And remember that no matter if it is illegal or not, abortion will still occur. There are girls who die in different parts of the world. Then we must also talk about sexuality and contraception, the two are connected.”

And about shaving, she said: “Shaving is a choice. When I was a child in Nigeria, [unshaved?] women were considered very attractive. Now that the world is more globalized, women shave more, but there are areas of the world where women do not shave and are seen as attractive. I didn’t shave until I arrived in the United States. If people decide not to shave, what’s the problem? There are so many things to worry about in the world, what’s the problem if you don’t shave it? Go read a book. ”

She the magazine cover below:

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