Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Says “Americanah” Will be a TV Series

Chimamanda Ngozi has revealed that the TV series based on her epic novel, “Americanah” is the works.

The legendary writer shared this during her sitdown with fans in Lagos today where she talked about her works, feminism chivalry, and more.

Asked about the criticisms she faces because of her feminist position, she said, “Even when women are passionate when talking about feminism, we say that they’re aggressive. Maybe it’s because women have been putting up with so much crap.”

She continued, “Feminism is not about women wanting to be men, I’m very happy to be a woman. [Feminsim] is about creating equal opportunities for bother men and woman. We are saying gender should not be a reason to hold people back.”

She further spoke about gender roles have been used to segregate against the woman, saying, “If you’re born a woman, cooking skill doesn’t come with your vagina.”

And about “Americanah”, she confirmed that Lupita Nyong’o will still be playing the role of Ifemelu, however, that the production will be towards a TV series, and no longer a movie.

We will share the full video of the chat soon!

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